A few fast facts to digest.

We understand that the issues surrounding Shelly Bay are complex if you have not been involved from the start, so we would like to share a few sound bites that illustrate some key facts.  All sound bites are backed by research, quotes from sources and relate to media articles which are available for you to also read and draw your own conclusions.  These sound bites have already been shared widely on our Mau Whenua | Save Shelly Bay Facebook page.  If you do not already like our page, please join now.

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How can this have happened? It is a question that many beneficiaries are asking the trustees and still, no answers or transparency are forthcoming! It is time to unite and take action for the return of Shelley Bay.

Unbelievable but this is what has happened with Shelly Bay. Iwi are not the majority landowners as previously reported in the media! Please share, together we can right the wrongs.

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The owners said no, NO SALE FOR SHELLY BAY!! PNBST Trustees went ahead and sold anyway for a measly $2 million. Trustees are sellouts and did not represent their people, Shelly Bay needs to be returned.

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The Shelly Bay saga created by PNBST, Wellington City Council and the developers has been a disgusting and disheartening process for Iwi with many only learning now that the land has been sold. The time to act is now, Save Shelly Bay.


Save Shelly Bay for future generations!  This is not what we want to see for our beautiful coastline.

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Clearly Mayor Lester is no longer “very happy to sit down with Sir Peter in a public and transparent way and have a debate in front of Wellingtonians"