Mau Whenua Inc. Society shall represent ALL New Zealanders who oppose the 'current' development proposal at Shelly Bay.

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Keep up to date with the latest on the Shelly Bay saga.

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

17:45Jul 22 2019

Councillors say they were voting blind on Shelly Bay fast-track

Inside Wellington |  Jul 20 2019


Shelly Bay III; The WCC Hivemind speaks, Lawyers begin a skirmish.....

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Sydney Mepham and Catherine Love  |   May 02 2019

Iwi members support Peter Jackson's questions over Shelly Bay sale

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

16:27, Jul 21 2019

133-year-old transaction gets legal standing in Shelly Bay saga.

Peter Jackson  |  Facebook Note  

April 21 2019

The Shelly Bay murk gets even murkier...

Inside Wellington

May 03 2019

Wellington Elections 2019: The biggest losers and winners of the week thanks to Shelly Bay

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

19:14Jul 17 2019

Sir Peter Jackson among key critics shut out of a say at Shelly Bay.

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

05:00, Jul 12 2019

Iwi members mount legal challenge to reclaim Shelly Bay from developer.

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt and Hamish Rutherford  |  05:00, May 04 2019

Long shadow over development of Wellington jewel Shelly Bay