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Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

05:00, Aug 20 2020

A year of waiting to vote for the lucky ones in Taranaki Whānui


Scoop   |  Mau Whenua Press Release 

16:32, Aug 18 2020

Thousands of Iwi Members Excluded From Shelly Bay Votes


Scoop   |  Mau Whenua Press Release 

July 08 2020

Mau Whenua Want Public Inquiry Into Land Sales at Shelly Bay


Radio NZ  |  Rachael Thomas

16:31, Jan 29 2020

Shelly Bay hui opens with protesters and differences of opinion

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

16:27, Jul 21 2019

133-year-old transaction gets legal standing in Shelly Bay saga.

Peter Jackson  |  Facebook Note  

April 21 2019

The Shelly Bay murk gets even murkier...

Inside Wellington

May 03 2019

Wellington Elections 2019: The biggest losers and winners of the week thanks to Shelly Bay


Radio NZ   |  Meriana Johnsen

20:57, Aug 19 2020

"Thousands of Iwi Members Had No Say On Sale of Land at Shelly Bay Report Finds"


Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

14:36, Aug 18 2020

Lost, Declined, and Missing: Thousands Miss Out On Iwi Voting Rights


Nicky Hagar Report

16:31, July 04 2020

The Long Sorry Saga of Shelly Bay


Scoop   |  Mau Whenua Press Release 

09:10, Nov 01 2019

Mau Whenua Statement On Resource Consent in Shelly Bay

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

19:14Jul 17 2019

Sir Peter Jackson among key critics shut out of a say at Shelly Bay.

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

05:00, Jul 12 2019

Iwi members mount legal challenge to reclaim Shelly Bay from developer.

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt and Hamish Rutherford  |  05:00, May 04 2019

Long shadow over development of Wellington jewel Shelly Bay


Radio Waatea   |  Audio & Written Piece

15:36, Aug 19 2020

A year of waiting to vote for the lucky ones in Taranaki Whānui


WCC  |  Wellington City City Council Website

Aug 07 2020

Wellington City Council Shelly Bay Development FAQ's


WCC  |  Update From Mayor Foster

Feb 25 2020

WCC Shelly Bay Update From Mayor Foster

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Tom Hunt

17:45Jul 22 2019

Mau Whenua statement on resource consent in Shelly Bay

Inside Wellington |  Jul 20 2019


Shelly Bay III; The WCC Hivemind speaks, Lawyers begin a skirmish.....

Stuff  |  Dominion  |  Sydney Mepham and Catherine Love  |   May 02 2019

Iwi members support Peter Jackson's questions over Shelly Bay sale


Mau Whenua Inc. Society shall represent ALL New Zealanders who oppose the 'current' development proposal at Shelly Bay.


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