Meet the Mau Whenua | Save Shelly Bay Team volunteering their valuable time and energy to halt the development and save our precious coastline from this hideous eyesore.  Together we will right the wrongs surrounding Shelly Bay and bring key issues to light.


Mau Whenua Incorporated Society Board


From our Chair.

Our biggest issue of late has unsurprisingly, been the battle to have Shelly Bay returned to iwi ownership - to be our Turangawaewae again, a place to stand.

People… Mau Whenua – that is all of us who believe in the value of holding on to our land for the benefit of current and future generations – have tried repeatedly to be heard and to encourage key players in the taking of our land at Shelly Bay, and the threatened loss of our rights to land at Watts Peninsula and Mount Crawford to abide by the wishes of us – the iwi members.  Here is an abbreviated history of some of the key players, significant events and our attempts to be heard:


  • 2015 June - Shelly Bay was included in the WCC Special Housing Accord without the Owners'/Beneficiaries' approval or knowledge.

  • 2015 Oct 8th - A further sign off by WCC for a second area of Shelly Bay.  Again without iwi approval or knowledge.

  • 2015 Dec 9th - The Mayor and Housing Minister announce the Special Housing Accord which includes Shelly Bay. Again without iwi approval or knowledge.

  • 2016 Oct 18th, Dec 14th & 2017 Feb 6th - Iwi sent letters to the Mayor advising Shelly Bay was not for sale, and to remove Shelly Bay from the Housing Accord. The letters were ignored.


  • 2014 June - A Special Housing Accord was signed by Wellington City Council and the Crown’s Housing Minister.

  • 2015 June 29th - Order in Council was issued and included Shelly Bay. Owners/Beneficiaries unaware.

  • 2015 Dec 7th - A further Order in Council issued which included further parcels of Shelly Bay. Owners/Beneficiaries unaware.

  • 2017 Jan 21st - A letter was sent to Prime Minister English alerting him to a breach of the Treaty of Waitangi. He replied saying the letter was sent to Housing Minister and other Ministers.

  • 2017 March 7th - A letter is sent to Dr. Nick Smith which was ignored.


  • 2015 Dec 22nd - PNBST called for a Special Resolution to sell Shelly Bay. The only reason given was “we need the money".

  • 2016 Feb 9th - The PNBST Special Resolution to Sell Shelly Bay was lost. The Trustees and Directors commenced alternative actions to sell Shelly Bay properties. Many letters were written and sent, emails, social media comments and calls were made for such actions to stop.

  • 2016 Oct 15th - During the PNBST Annual General Meeting iwi members moved a unanimous motion to cease all sale activity to sell Shelly Bay.  Iwi members were told by the Trustees that they were not bound by the AGM Motion.

  • 2017 Jul 7th - three separate parcels of Shelly Bay properties were secretly sold to the Cassels company, Shelly Bay Investments Limited. Shelly Bay previously valued at $23.65 million sold for $2 million.


  • 2016 Apr 12th - A letter was sent advising the developer that Shelly Bay was not for sale. No Reply.

  • 2016 Oct 18th - A letter was sent advising of our Annual General Meeting motion to cease all sales activity for Shelly Bay. No reply.

  • 2017Jul 7th - Three separate parcels of Shelly Bay properties were secretly bought by a Cassels company. Shelly Bay previously valued at $23.65 million bought for $2 million.


The way in which Shelly Bay has been taken from all of us is deeply concerning because it undermines the values and principles that our Iwi and all New Zealanders hold to be important. We have been forced to take serious action

Hirini (Sydney) Jenkins Mepham. Chairman of Mau Whenua Inc.